Top Places In Australia For New Year’s Eve 2017

New Years Eve Celebrations in Australia

As 2016 reaches it 11th month, it is an alarm for all to gear up making preparations to welcome the New Year-2017. So what is it that you have planned for celebrating the New Years Eve? Giving a grand start to a New Year will add positivity to your life ahead as well. Why not explore Australia and its New Year celebratory trends this time? Get your tickets booked, accommodation arrangement done, pack your bags and set forth for the following destinations in this island continent cum country.

  1. Explore the celebratory trend at Sydney’s Opera house and Harbour Bridge

One of the best fireworks across the world is held in Sydney. Show at Darling Harbour starts at 9 pm and is followed by another wonderful display taking place at the Circular Quay. The crowd in Sydney is highly daunting and you need tickets to enter certain areas like Cahill Expressway for viewing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house. If you want to beat the massive crowd and relish the New Year, then head towards the suburbs. At Sans Souci, firework display begins from 9 pm. With your family or friends, you can take a champagne bottle and some food and sit on the beach enjoying the show. Learn more about NYE in Sydney.

  1. Witness the fireworks display in Brisbane

Firework display on the Eve of New Year commences in Brisbane usually from 8.30 pm and continues till midnight. Apart from the firework show, there are also numerous parties that are organized by clubs, restaurants and hotels here. Retro Ball party organized at ShowGrounds marquee, Brisbane is the largest and best of all.

  1. Relish the tasty delicacies at Tasmania

New Year Eve celebration without food is incomplete and it I Tasmania which brings to you the best food. Make a visit to Hobart and enjoy celebrating the “taste of Tasmania” which commences from the 28th of December and culminate on the 3rd of January. This coastal city meet your tripping desires best offering a plethora of options like mountain climbing, biking, marine life trips and others. On New Year Eve, fireworks too find a place here to make the event grander.

  1.  Enjoy the sunrise on New Year Eve at Byron Bay

 Situated in New South Wales’s North Eastern corner, this Australian region enjoys the first sunrise of the day. Hence if you are having any desire to enjoy the first sunrise on the eve of New Year, Byron Bay is all where you should land up in this small island continent. The popularity of this region as an outstanding Ne Year eve celebration zone is also due to its accessibility from Queensland and New South Wales. However parties are not located in the beach zone here but you can surely spend some moments with your loved one, friends or family sitting along the beach and enjoying the whales playing or making a visit to the lighthouse or surfing. You can relish live music in the Falls Festival or can visit Soul Street’s New Year eve party.

Concluding note

Get your bags packed and set out for this island country to give a great start to the year ahead.