To help gear up for New Years events, the fun loving people of Barcelona have many crazy and fascinating ideas and traditions including things like people wearing red underwear to the New Years parties, running up and down the streets wearing funny costumes that include funny mask, hats and colourful wigs while making music with trumpets and bangers.

Recommended Places

Plaza Catalunya

While in Barcelona for New Years Eve 2016, an absolute must visit place is Plaza Catalunya. Here you will witness and take part in a tradition of gulping 12 grapes with the last 12 chimes of the great bells, followed by the drinking of Cava wine for happiness.

Torre Agbar

Another place you will not want to miss visiting is the area of Torre Agbar, where an amazing NYE fireworks show has been arranged for greeting New Years. This fireworks show is organized by the city and will light up the night sky with an incredible number of colourful fireworks.

The Magic Fountain

You can choose to visit “The Magic Fountain” located at Placa de Espanya where you will experience a beautiful and colorful Christmas water show set to the rhythm of Christmas music and other musical shows. There are however, a few safety tips you should follow while enjoying the festivities to ensure your New Year’s Eve party in Barcelona is the best.

No matter how much you engage in the different ”Barcelona New Years Eve” parties, you should always be on guard against pickpockets by keeping your wallet or purse safe and sealed at all times otherwise you may try to pay for something and find you have no money. Another safety tip is to watch out for the rowdies in the streets to keep your family and friends safe and if you see trouble brewing, be sure to help the police in every way you can.

The Clubs in Barcelona have increased greatly in recent years, which of course means, so has the nightlife. This is great for a city full of fun loving people who love to party and it goes without saying that the nightlife in Barcelona for New Year’s Eve, is no exception. Not only will the city be decorated in colourful lights, the mood of the residents is friendly and welcoming and you may want to join friends at clubs like Sotavento, Opium Bar or Sutton, to name a few. With the incredible Barcelona nightlife, you will be energized and ready to ring in New Years in style.

Accommodations on NYE

Being the most attractive destination in Spain, Barcelona has full ranges of accommodation for visitors to choose from. Popular hotels are Mercer Barcelona, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, Pullman Barcelona Skipper Hotel, NH Podium, Flor Parks Hotel, Mercer Boria Bcn Hotel and so many more. If you are planning to spend your next coming Christmas and New Year in Spain, early hotel booking is highly recommended.