Spectacular NYE Fireworks in London 2017

New Years Eve Fireworks in London

Welcoming the New Year is definitely one of the most cherished festivals we have in our calendar. People all over the world celebrate the 31st of December with great pomp and excitement. New Year is a special day in some of the most important cities around the world and how can we forget London, the city that celebrates New Year in its own unique style. One of the oldest cities in the world, London has charmed everyone with its style, beauty and elegance. And thus New Year Evening Fireworks in London is something you should never miss if you are visiting London during the last week of December. Even if you are not there physically, you can watch the spectacle on TV or internet.

The grandeur of event is breathtakingly beautiful as the sky sparkles with fire dipped in colours. One of the most popular places to see the spectacular fireworks in London is near the Big Ben on the Thames River. However there are other places in London that displays fireworks on the New Year’s Eve. Let us check out these places:

Westminster Bridge in front of Big Ben

To watch the grand fireworks, you would need to spend £10 for a ticket which is also non-transferable. Thus to buy a ticket for the event you would need to produce your original ID. During this time, it is a bit difficult to buy the ticket as there is an excessive demand for it.  The Victoria Embankment that runs between the Westminster Bridge and Blackfrairs Bridge is also a great spot to watch the fireworks display. The Westminster Bridge is the ticketed area where you would need for that evening only. But there are surrounding places like Temple, Waterloo Bridge and Victoria Embankment from where you can watch the display.

Cannon Street

If you are not willing to pay £10 for the show of fireworks then you may also go to Cannon Street which is very near to the Big Ben and is not a ticketed area. You can find a spot near the St. Pauls Cathedral and Mansion House and Bank. The Cannon Street offers a great view of the Spectacular Firework show of the New Years Eve that happens on the Big Ben. However if you are planning to go to the cannon Street then it is advisable to go before 8pm as it gets quite crowded.

Aqua Shard

Founded in the 13st level of The Shard Hotel in London, Aqua Shard is one of the best places to watch the New Years Eve fireworks. You can book a table over there and watch the spectacle without any crowd or noise. It is definitely quite an experience to watch the fireworks from the 31st level. The whole sky is open in front of you and all you need to do is enjoy the delicious food at the Aqua Shard and watch the beautiful sparkles that fill up the London sky on that very special day.

At New Years Eve, if you are not watching the London Fireworks, then you are surely missing something.