Enjoy 2017 NYE Fireworks in Dubai

New Years Eve Fireworks in Dubai

The greatest display of fireworks makes New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai unique the world over. During last year’s NYE celebrations, Dubai could create Guinness World Record by displaying 500000 fireworks in just six minutes. The shells were released from 400 locations. The fireworks display covered about 94km of the City’s seafront. The maximum height reached by the fireworks was one kilometer. A man-made sun rise was the last salvo in the 6 minutes long display. More than thousand fireworks display experts and about 200 pyrotechnicians from UAE as well as abroad are behind this achievement.

On the occasion of NYE celebration of 2017 also those who are in Dubai can view and enjoy the greatest fireworks display the world over. The residents of Dubai as well as the international tourists can watch the fireworks from the prominent landmarks in Dubai such as the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah. The fireworks of Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah can be watched from the popular beaches in Dubai like the Kite Beach, JBR, the Palace Beach and The Beach at The Walk. The NYE fireworks at Burj Khalifa attract the biggest crowd and people start occupying rooftops, terraces and balcony right from the evening in order to view the spectacular fireworks display comfortably.

The artificial sunrise

On the NYE of 2014 Dubai created history by firing about 80000 shells every minute and about 1300 fireworks every second for six minutes just before midnight. It was a memorable experience for the viewers who watched the great NYE performance of Dubai directly or on YouTube or on the website of the Dubai Media. The iconic fireworks display by Dubai on the NYE of 2014 could break the record achieved by Kuwait in the year 2011. The preparations for New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai normally start ten months in advance. Nobody in Dubai will miss the traditional New Year Eve’s fireworks display. While many people rush to The Dubai Mall to view the fireworks display from one of the restaurants, a lot of people remain at home and view the live telecast of the fireworks by Dubai One. The NYE fireworks lit up the coastline of the city with the 828m Burj Khalifa on the backdrop. The spectators get stunned when they see the light created by the fireworks that is as vivid as the sunrise. This man-made sunrise is the most exciting part of New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai.

Mesmerizing millions

One of the biggest fireworks displays of the world – New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai – proclaims the entry of the rich city in to the New Year. Every year, Dubai hopes to break the world record in Fireworks display. New Year’s Eve fireworks display in Dubai is a free entertainment and fun for each and every one. The 500000 fireworks are displayed about 20 seconds before midnight and it will be continued for 5 -6 minutes. According to reliable sources of information, the NYE Fireworks in Dubai in the year 2015 was viewed by not less than 1.7 million people. This is also a record. The clear sky and dry weather of Dubai also contribute to the success of New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai.