Partying New Years Eve 2017 in Madrid

New Years Eve in Madrid, Spain

Spain is a place with awesome beaches, sweet bays and much more. It is really an amazing experience to spend a New Years Eve in this special place. There are lots of superstitious customs being followed in Madrid on New Year’s Eve 2017. The Years final night is just like a special night in Madrid where people have a massive dinner with their family members happily either in their home or in any other special places like beaches or any other resorts.

Grape Strategy of Madrid

On the New Years Eve people gather on the capital city Madrid’s Puerta del Sol just to listen to the church bell striking 12 times so that people can wish their buddies in the street a very happy new year. It is a special and a very sweet and lovely tradition of Madrid people to have one grape every time the bell strikes. This indicates that the year is of a first-class meadow harvest. For each and every gape that one eats, they can hope for something that they wish should happen in this New Year.

If one can eat all the twelve grapes during this twelve bell strikes then it is believed that the person is going to have a great year and this year will be a lucky one for them, whereas the other way for those who cannot have all the twelve grapes it is considered to be an unlucky Year. One stroke of the bell lasts for three seconds which means that it is going to lasts for thirty six seconds in total. These 36 seconds are going to decide the luck and prosperity which people will have in this sweet New Year 2015 that is blossoming in a leisurely manner. This grape strategy is being followed in Madrid since 1909.

Win with Wine

One other strategy in Madrid is that the last night of the Year is being celebrated in the streets by offering wine for free and people hug each other sharing this happiness. Few lucky buddies will have a golden ring in this wine which they have been offered. Those dudes are quite lucky in the new beginning of the Year than others.

Marvellous Madrid

A New Year in Madrid is so much enjoyable and fun filled with all these sweet and grand celebrations being made with a little traditional activities. New Years Eve will be so much entertaining if one spends it such a city like the marvellous Madrid.

Accommodations for NYE

Being an admirable destination in Europe, Madrid has full range of hotels to cater any visitors needs. Several popular hotels can be listed as Gran Melia Fenix Hotel, Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol, NH Ribera del Manzanares, Husa Princesa Hotel, Gran Hotel Velazquez, Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel, etc. If you are arrange your trip to Spain on next coming Christmas and New Year festival, do remember to book your rooms and air tickets well in advance to avoid any last moment issues.