Destinations in Philippines on NYE 2017

Boracay Island in Philippines

Philippines with more than 7,100 colorful islands is an ideal destination for tourists on Christmas and New Years Eve occasions. Together will legendary Manila city, the country has many other beautiful spots for visiting. If you are stay in the Philippines on next coming holidays, take your time to discover the 5 tourism attractions below.

1. Boracay Island

In the 90s, Boracay Island was famous for wild white sandy areas and turquoise water making endless song of the beach. At present, the charming island is becoming more and more attractive thanks to active night life. Travelers can have chance to try fresh taste and take part in vibrant parties with plentiful restaurants, bars, tourist areas and various hotels nearby the beach. Particularly, Boraday Island offers you variety of activities like skydiving for adventurous lovers. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Enjoy your best NYE party in Boracy island.

2. Chocolate Hill (Bohol)

Situated at Bohol, Socol Hill is one of the surprising masterpieces of the nature. With more than 1000 hills in cone shape covering an area of 50 km2; the landscape here makes visitors believe that they are in a huge chocolate party. Although scientists explains that chocolate hills are result from geology change of great reef, most of travelers eager to come back as soon as possible to enjoy this magnificent natural place.

3. Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa National Park has reputation for its fresh clean beach surrounded by lush forest. Atmosphere here will help visitors relax effectively. Puerto Princesa is recognized at one of the seven new world heritage sites. Unique rock mountain shape and abundant flora and fauna will bring you interesting experience. Even 20 million-year-old-fossil of a sea ox in a cave was found here. This is a really must-see attraction in Philippines.

4. Corregidor Island

Corregidor, a small tadpole-shaped island, is considered to be an important defense fort of Philippines-US during the war with Japan in the World War II. In spite of being a small island, Corregidor prevented Japanese from fighting the country. Nowadays, it is a charming tourist spot to remind us of war ferocity. Coming here travelers will have deeply emotion and thought.

5. Donsol, Sorsogon

From November to June, Donsol is migration way of sharks. This is also the time Donsol attracts large number of visitors from all parts of the world. Sharks are big species; some of them can be as big as a bus. However, they are not fierce, they are very friendly. Travelers will be fantastic when they have opportunity to swim and dive together with such huge animal in the ocean.

Have a nice trip on Christmas and New Years Eve in Philippines!