2017 NYE Parties in Rio de Janeiro 

New Years Eve in Rio

New Year’s Eve is one among the most popular celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. People from all parts of Brazil and various other parts of the world come to Rio on the NYE 2017. The celebrations that are centered at Copacabana attract millions of people. Live music shows commence at 8 pm on the beach. The music programs are rich in varieties such as traditional, rock and dancing. At midnight, the spectacular fireworks welcome the New Year. The boats from where the fireworks are ignited are anchored away from the beach to ensure safety.

For celebrating New Year’s Eve, the people in Rio observe the traditions. All people dress in white color for the NYE party. Here white is considered as the lucky color. Though everyone dresses in white color, they use accessories in different colors except black. According to the people red is for romance, green for good health and yellow for prosperity. Just before midnight they worship ”Yemanga”, the god of the seas by throwing flowers as well as makeup kits containing facial powder, lipsticks, soap, etc. into the sea. This prayer on the beach is a thanks giving event and not a prayer to seek blessings.

NYE party for everyone

Each and every one in Rio de Janeiro participates and enjoys in New Year’s Eve party. People belonging to different tribes mingle freely in the party. Those who go to the beach and attend the part will come across with working class people, senior citizens, children, teenagers, couples and people from different walks of life. People watch the fireworks either from the beach or from the beach lanes where cars are not allowed. On the way to the party people drop in any one of the restaurants to enjoy the grand dinner that consists of the special New Year’s Menu. The restaurants make the New Year menu well affordable and keep the prices fixed.  Those who want to enjoy the most luxurious as well as exciting party make their way to the Copacabana Palace. Most of the restaurants in the beach offer buffets on the NYE. Those who plan to attend New Year’s Eve party at Copacabana beach book their seats in any one of the restaurants well in advance.

Blend of spirituality and fun

The “Candomble” ceremony is the most important part of New Year’s Eve festival in Rio de Janeiro. As part of the “Candomble” function people dressed in white gather along the shore in Copacabana beach and pay homage to the goddess of sea. Apart from offering flowers into the sea there will be drumming and dancing also. In addition to Copacabana, festivals are conducted in other beaches like Ipanema, Leblon and Barra de Tijuca and make it a night of great fun and entertainment. Music stages are set up along the beaches and there will be hip-hop, techno and electronic music concerts. The concerts are given by local musicians as well as internationally famous DJs. The party goes on till sunrise.

Those who plan to enjoy New Year’s Eve either in the beach or in the nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro must book in advance a comfortable and affordable place to stay.