Memorable Time on New Years Eve 2017 In Shanghai

Shanghai New Years Eve

The Chinese people eagerly look forward every year to rejoice themselves with New Years Eve 2017 in Shanghai. They celebrate the New-year with various rituals & customs. The people of Shangai happily welcome each new-year with outstretched arms. Irrespective of the age and gender the residents of Shangai spend the evening singing, dancing and drinking. It is on this day when limitations are forgotten, and people enjoy to their heart’s content. If you intend to celebrate the forthcoming new-year at some new destination, then Shangai is your ideal choice where you can rejoice admiring the affluent Chinese culture and traditions. You are sure to get enthralled by Shangai’s peculiar charm and beauty.

Chinese New Year

In fact the people of Shanghai rejoice Chinese New-Year in the month of February. You can find the people organizing the important social gatherings and they adorn the Shanghai city in a magnificent and attractive manner. The celebration’s epic center is the Shanghai Peninsula. You can find almost all the streets of Shanghai jam-packed with people. You can get energized by visualizing the spectacular performance carried out by the city’s renowned bands.

Some renowned spots

While celebrating New Years Eve in Shanghai, you can visit some of the renowned places. You can take a trip to the Longhua temple, where you can ask for good destiny for the entire year. You can chime the significant Buddhist bells on this extraordinary occasion and expect for the good destiny. Subsequent to the bell ringing occasion, you can witness the lion dance, the extraordinary folk concerts and the exceptional midnight fireworks which in reality exhibit the splendor of Shanghai. You can also visit Xintiandi, a place renowned for the pop music aficionados. A pop show  or countdown is organized on the Taiping Lake; you can find several celebrities taking part in the grand event.

Reunion dinner

Undoubtedly, you can find the best night life in Shanghai and New-year is not an exemption. Depending on your individual style and fondness, you have variety of New-year parties from which you can opt for your preferred one. The Chinese new-year commence with a reunion banquet. Doesn’t matter in which ever part of the globe the Chinese people reside, they assemble together and take part in this magnificent event. They enjoy this occasion eating their favorite dishes. Nowadays, a few families celebrate the reunion dinner in an excellent restaurant.

Blissful event

Once they finish their dinner, the Chinese people entertain themselves by playing a game of cards. When the clock’s hands touch 12, colorful fireworks adorn the skies of Shanghai and make the whole place spectacular. This signifies the New Year’s commencement. During this joyous occasion, you can find the Chinese people sporting new clothes and shoes. They taste their favorite beverages and snacks. The adult gifts the kids with awesome presents. The adult spend time with their relatives, while the kids play games and make new friends.

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