Partying New Years Eve 2018 in Pattaya

New Years Eve Parties and Fireworks in Pattaya

The fun and excitement associated with 2018 NYE celebration almost doubles with the grand promise of visiting a foreign city like Pattaya. You will be delighted to go through the exclusive New Year bonanzas in Pattaya, and with all the music, dance, food and wine, firecrackers, and romantic night outs, Pattaya is going to offer you some of the plushest moments which you can cherish all throughout your life.

The festive seasons appear extremely colourful in Pattaya and the numerous hottest benefits include bar-be-queue parties, walking street shopping festivals, musical night outs and visiting the local markets for buying exotic souvenirs for gifting to your near and dear ones. The fiery coloured flowers or the Dak Mai Fai are some of the most beautiful flower fireworks which are also projected on the night sky.

The large Christmas trees are decorated with multicoloured chains of light and the national and international shows are a gift to the thirsty soul.

Places for NYE

  • The Royal mall in Garden Plaza offers some of the best displays of fireworks, and coloured decorations for New Year. The Bali High Street can offer you exciting glimpse of lovely girls and women carrying their children to show them the festivities. The Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are an added attraction.
  • The private taxis or the Tuck Tucks can take you from one corner of the city to another. But usually during the festive seasons most of the hotels and resorts remain overcrowded with native and foreign tourists, so it is better to consult the travel agents before you book your New Year plan for a visit to Pattaya.
  • This place is located on the Eastern coastal areas of Thailand, and so you can also find a temperate and cold weather in this area. The Christmas time is definitely very cold, but you can always try to warm yourself up with all the dazzling Pattaya beauties, and the fresh and exotic combination of some of the coolest wines and whiskies.
  • Many small stages are erected on the Pattaya beaches, and you can definitely enjoy the musical extravaganza on the New Year’s Eve. Most of these events generally start at eight P.M, and they continue till the late hours of the night. However, during 30th and 31st December, the festivities continue all throughout the night, till the clock strikes twelve, and you invite the brightest New Year, holding the hands of your loved one on a Pattaya beach.


Pattaya has a vast range of exotic hotels, five star resorts and cottage huts for honeymoon couples who wish to spend New Year in complete privacy. The hotels can be listed as under:

  • The Empress hotel
  • The Dusit Thani Hotel
  • Hotel Hilton in Pattaya
  • Hotel Flipper House

For more details regarding the discount packages and the booking procedures you can contact the international travel agents. You can also visit various websites on Pattaya.