Top 10 Places to Visit in Rome on New Year Holidays

Rome New Year Destinations

In winter or spring, the capital of Italy is probably a suitable city for vacation. Not only is a busy city with many international tourists but Rome is a city with special culture, history features and great foods. Walking along streets in Rome, tourists will feel as if they were walking in an outdoor museum. Many features including both traditional and modern characteristics make a unique and surprising atmosphere. Most people want to visit all these historic sites during Christmas or NYE celebrations. To make your New Year vacation more perfect, you should visit 10 historic sites in Rome below:

1. Arena Colosseo (Coliseum)

Arena Colosseo is probably the most symbolic relic in Rome. It is the symbol of this city worldwide. Its real name is Flavian Amphitheatre but everyone knows about it under the name Arena Colosseo. Arena Colosseo was built in 72 AD by Emperor Vespasian. It is completed 8 years later by his son Titus. Coliseum is stadium of Rome which has capacity of 80.000 people. This capacity is equivalent to a stadium today. Many gladiators and fights with wild animals took place here in the presence of thousands of people at that time. The history of this place inspired Ridley Scott to invest huge budget in Gladiator film with participation of actor Russell Crowe.

2. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is probably the most famous fountain in the city. This fountain is setting for famous film “La dolce vita” (the sweet life). Trevi fountain was designed in 1735 by Salvi architect and sculptures here are source of water. Each year, thousands of tourists come here and throw a coin to the fountain to wish that they can come back Rome the second time.

3. Rome Square

Rome Square was a place which main social life activities of ancient Rome took place. In Roman civilization, bazaars, courts and religious works are one of important places of the city. Among them, the most important works are The Titus Gate (Arch of Titus) built in 70 AD, Basilica Maxentius, of Arch of Septimius Severus, Via Sacra and Capitol Hill.

4. Royal Square

Tourists who come to visit Royal Square will feel as if they were walking into ancient Roman time. There are some Squares such as Augustus Square, Peace Square, Nerva Square and Trajan Square. This archaeological area is one of richest areas in the world. Visiting this place, you will feel as you are walking into past. You will thrill when walking into road which ancient famous people such as Caesar and Trajan went.

5. Piazza Navona Square

Piazza Navona Square formerly was the stadium of Domitian. Today, it still keeps elliptical shape of ancient stadium. This is one of the most beautiful and famous squares in Rome. It is also a masterpiece which is unmistakable of masters such as Borromini and Giacomo della Porta. Inside the square, there are 3 fountains: Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, Fountain of the Moor and The Fountain of Calderoni, designed by Giacomo della Porta. In the evening, locals, tourists and artists gather here to relax in bars. They enjoy wine and wallow in the atmosphere of this place.

6. Venezia Square

This square is a special place and it values for your tour. Venezia Square is a giant building entirely built by marble, decorated by bronze statutes and by relief “Altare della Patria”. Some people don’t appreciate this square. Many people compare it with a huge ink or rustic wedding cake and it is not harmonious with surroundings. No matter how you think, it is still a part of Rome. It is a works which is representative of this city in past.

7. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is home to many aspects of life in Rome. Today, all houses in Rome are ancient traditional style. It is also style of sacred places like Rome Senate. On the hill there are a statue of Marcus Aurelius and a splendid palace decorated by statues and fountains. A part of square is designed by Michelangelo.

8. St. Peter’s Church

Top 10 historic sites in Rome will be a shortcoming if St. Peter’s Church is not mentioned. St. Peter’s Church is located in Vatican City. It has been home to the Pope since 1377. St. Peter’s Church is famous worldwide and it is also the highest department of Catholicism. The beauty of the church shows its importance and role. Excellent architects and artists including Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini, Giacomo della Port and Domenico Fontana have contribution to designing St. Peter’s Church. Tourists can view the whole scenery and domes of the church from many areas of the city

9. Pantheon Temple

Pantheon is giant structure built in Roman time (about 80 years AD). It is the structure which is well-preserved surprisingly. The building is a gigantic architecture with an open huge dome at the top. Lights entering the temple create a magical atmosphere. An open dome also creates a great show in the temple when it rains. Inside the temple, there are tombs of important people like Raphael- an artist and a famous architect.

10. Piazza di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna means steps towards Trinità dei Monti( a church above this slope). The famous international actor Gregory Peck and actress Audrey Hepburn made film summer vacation in this square. Another special image is in stairs tourists can see fashionable shows of top designers in the world. Surrounding square, there are a lot of shops of designers such as Armani, Versace, Valentino and other designers.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations and holidays with friends and family in Rome Italy. Do remember book well in advance your hotel rooms and air flight tickets to avoid last moment problems.