Celebrating Ugadi or Telugu New Year

Telugu or Ugadi New Year

This is a Hindu festival that is also referred to as Telugu New Year or Ugadi and is celebrated in countries such as Mauritius and India. Celebrated sometime in March to commemorate the day lord Brahma his creation and when Krishna the avatar of lord Vishnu died in 3101 BC. According to the Hindu calendar, Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra but because this differs with the Gregorian calendar, the date keeps changing from year to year and usually falls sometime between March and April.

The Origin of Ugadi

Yuga means beginning and Adi means era so the word Ugadi literally means the beginning of a new era or more simply, New Year in Telugu. Hindus believe that Ougadi was when lord Brahma created the universe as well as Krishna who was the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu who died on Ougadi in 3101 BC.

Ugadi Celebration

The celebration of Ugadi (or Ougadi) consist of visiting families and other relatives and neighbors to have lunch or dinner together. Because of all the visiting, there is the tradition of cleaning the house and buying new clothes before Ugadi so that the homes and the people will be at their best when the family and neighbors come calling. Another tradition involves people taking a ritual bath, and praying for good luck and good health, they also decorate their homes with rangolis and mango leaves to ensure a better life in the coming year. By evening, the people are gathering in the temples to listen to the predictions for the year to come.